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1,537 attended this years equipping and encouraging conference hosted by Christ Church LCMS

1,537 attended this years equipping and encouraging conference hosted by Christ Church LCMS

     1537 people attended this year's annual Best Practices conference, hosted by Christ Church Lutheran in Phoenix, AZ.  There were over 150 presentations over the three day event and I am guessing there must have been 40 or more ministry booths present (National office, District, Recognized Service Organizations, Lutheran and others). 

     I was privileged to have four time slots available to give presentations on Prayer, Planting House Churches and Ministry to our Deployed Military.  By God's grace, over 50 people expressed interest in learning more about these ministry approaches and signed up for our E Letter.

    The workshops were a great time to share more about our resources- we now have 486 registered users on this web site; 192 videos uploaded on our YouTube channel; 1,900+ who have requested our E-Letter; and are in the 6th edition of "iPray". 

     I was blessed to have my ministry table next to the Comfort Dogs.  These wonderful golden retrievers are blessings from God's creation and truly do provide comfort and peace.  So many people came to see the dogs, they couldn't help but see our table about Prayer ministry.  We praise God from Whom all blessings flow.

    I was blessed to stay with Inez & Larry Scheer, members of Christ Church Lutheran.  They have hosted as many as three pastors in their home for this conference in years past. 

     Also to be mentioned- how this conference is free for attendees.  Christ Church Lutheran holds Christian Day Camp for 4,000 students in the Summer; the proceeds of which are earmarked for this so that there is no fee.  Because my lodging was also provided by members, my only cost was a plane ticket and the investment of time and preparation.

     Please keep Nancy Barton in your prayers, she is the staff person who organizes this each year.

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