Becoming a Pastor Who Supervises House Church Planter Candidates

Why did you feel led to the ministry?

Who did you first look up to in ministry?

Who has been the strongest mentor in your ministry?

+          +          +

What do you look for when evaluating people for roles in your church’s ministry?

What will those you mentor, expect from you?

How will help improve their performance?

+          +          +

How will the congregation support this new ministry?

What sort of relationships in the community do your Candidates have?

What are their hopes for thisHouseChurch?

:) Do you remember thinking about these things when you started ministry?

:) Do you still reflect on these questions?

:) For all the hard work; ministry is a great joy; the simple truth is that we would not continue in ministry if we did not find it rewarding & feel that it was the right thing to do.

STEP ONE: Registration & Enrollment

STEP TWO: Register yourself as a Supervising Pastor

STEP THREE: You will receive your “Get Started” package emailed to you

STEP FOUR: Gather your perspective House Church Planter Candidates & review the “Get Started” material with them

STEP FIVE: Together with your House Church Planter Candidates; complete this preliminary step in the development of yourHouseChurch

STEP SIX: Have your House Church Planter Candidates enroll for their first course