Jim Buckman

Wednesday morning I will fly out to Phoenix, AZ for the annual, "Best Practices Conference"; it is anticipated that there will be about 1,500 in attendance, I believe there will be over 150 workshops presented over the course of three days.

By God's grace, I will be making four presentations; also I will have an information table set up.  My presentations are:   "Prayers for Mercy, Ministry and Multiplication"; "Starting a Local House Church Movement"; "Worship with Warriors- Ministry to the Deployed Military" and "I Am a House of Prayer for All Nations"

As in the past, I am staying with a host church family; they have hosted up to three pastors in a single year.  They believe this is part of their ministry; I praise God for them, because all blessings come from Him. 

This conference is a ministry of Christ Church Lutheran; they hold fundraisers during the year so that participants are not charged a fee to attend.  Please keep Nancy Barton in your prayers; she is the person who organizes Best Practices.

It is important to attend workshops and conferences as you are able so that you can learn the best practices for ministry in your own context.

2 Responses to Presentations at Best Practices Conference

  1. Jim,
    Could you please email the 2 presentations from the Best Practices conference (prayer for mercy,ministry, and multiplication and I am a house of prayer)?

    Thank you I enjoyed both sessions.


    • Marilyn,

      I pray you are well :-)

      It was a great workshop

      Lord willing- I will be posting these on the website, so that they are available to all :-)

      Blessings on your ministry and please let me know what sort of resources you can use


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