Unique Short Term Mission Opportunities

      Our ministry is devoted to the focus of the Apostles as revealed in Acts Six - Prayer and the Word; and we do this for the purpose of sharing the Good News with those not yet saved in order that by the power of the Holy Spirit, we might begin new Word & Sacrament worshipping communities which are planted through existing LCMS congregations; under the supervision of their regularly called and ordained Pastors.

      We enjoy hosting teams from Churches which are interested in not only serving; but also learning some proven and tested approaches which they can take back with them to serve their own Gospel efforts. Contact Jim Buckman at jbuckman@njdistrict.org to learn more.

      We have hosted teams as large as 45 which have come out to learn and experience Prayer Walking.  When a team comes here; they will work with one of our House Church Planter candidates (most likely an immigrant); through this, the Short Term Mission team will experience first hand how a House Church is planted through an existing LCMS congregation.  This is something which many of our visiting Mission Teams have taken back with them.

     New Jersey is the most densely populated state and it also has the highest percentage of immigrants of any state.  And because we are in the North East, our immigrants are much more diverse than the immigrant population found in other parts of the country.  We have planted House Churches among West Africans, East Africans, Indians, Central & South Americans and some good old Anglos.

      New Jersey has the most American Revolution battlefield sites, you can see the Liberty Bell, Cape May, the Statue of Liberty, swim in the ocean, eat food from all over the world or visit Donald Trump inAtlantic CityJ but first you may want to get something for your sweet tooth at the Cake Boss in Hoboken, NJ.

     The congregations of the NJ District are fully committed to supporting the short term mission teams who stay with us.  Fellow Lutherans will stop by and check on your team; bringing some good East Coast eats, supplies for your projects, transportation as needed, and possibly join you for prayer, praise & Bible study.

      Many of the immigrants among whom we are planting House Churches, come from countries where we have LCMS partner church bodies / LCMS missionaries.  The opportunity we provide is intentionally strategic & synergistic.  It is our longer term vision to organize mission teams which have immigrant team members who will go with us to their country of origin and celebrate the larger Church as we serve the people of their country.

      We are thinking in terms of five mission teams (coming to NJ) in the Summer; it is best if you can indicate your interest in the Fall and confirm the details in the Spring; but we are flexible.  Contact Jim Buckman at jbuckman@njdistrict.org to learn more.